Elizabeth Sweet


I learned to be tough from a young age. Growing up with 4 brothers will do that to you.  It is that up- bringing that instilled in me an unstoppable fighting spirit, a relentless will to win.
My career began in 1994 when I served as an attorney in the US Army JAG Corps. While in the Service, I trained as an Airborne paratrooper and practiced administrative law. When I began my civilian career, I drew upon my military training and tough up-bringing to carve out a career as a civil litigator. My experience includes over 23 years of representing clients in contract dispute cases in both State and Federal courts.

I sometimes joke with my clients that litigation should be classified as a blood sport. While lawsuits are no game, it is a tough arena with even tougher opponents. To survive, a good trial attorney must encompass unsurpassed storytelling skills, gritty determination, virtuoso cross examination skills, slavish preparation, unfailing courtesy, refined listening skills, unsurpassed judgment, and reasonableness. These traits embody the substance of my commitment to excellence in legal representation. I welcome the opportunity to serve you with that same commitment along with my unwavering drive to win.