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Intellectual Property

What is intellectual property?

Simply put, intellectual property is the creations of the human mind that may be protected by the law. Those creations may take the form of a logo design, a screenplay or novel, computer software, a motion picture, websites, or even confidential processes and methods (trade secrets), that are used to design or market a product.

Intellectual property may be the most important asset of your business, whether it forms the basis of your product/service offering or if it communicates the goodwill of your brand.

Protecting your intellectual property

Protecting your intellectual property provides exclusive use rights and maximum enforcement rights. You work hard developing your brand and offering your business’ products and services – the strategy for protecting your work should be as unique as your brand is.

On the other hand, improper use of your intellectual property can hurt your business. We have over 30 years of experience in advising IP protection strategies and we are a great ally to your business. We can advise you how to best use your intellectual property as a part of your brand identity and marketing strategy.

Unique and protectable intellectual property requires the guidance of experienced attorneys that understand the value of these assets. Our attorneys provide concise analysis and offer reasonable solutions on matters including trademarks, copyrights, licensing, and trade secrets.

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